Octagon Hall Museum

Franklin, Kentucky


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Location Information

6040 Bowling Green Rd

Franklin, Kentucky 42134


Built by Andrew Jackson Caldwell in 1859 sat on over 40 acres. This antebellum landmark was originally designed as a masonic temple, featuring a unique eight sided layout coupled with upside down crosses on interior doors. Ancient ancestors believed this shape could be used to trap spirits inside .

This property has a dark history riddled with death, sickness, and tragedy. Serving as a temporary fort and a hospital in 1862. Thousands of souls fought and died in and around octagon hall. There are thought to be over 100 paranormal entitys still walking the property. From the 20+ slaves and family members who died and are buried on the property. To the solders who passed away inside the house. Its not hard to see why this is considered to be one of the most haunted locations in the Southeastern United States.

The beautiful grounds feature the old summer kitchen, multiple burial sites, underground tunnels, and two barns from the original farm. But inside is where things go bump in the night Operating as a functioning museum, the interior is filled with objects of the by gone era. Photos and heirlooms of the day fill every crevice, its almost as if the house itself is alive with memories from times past. Wounded soldiers laying the the old hospital room, secret passages for confederate soldiers to hide for days to avoid death. The gals room– where unspeakable acts were carried out from the union soldiers violent attacks. Also including the winter kitchen where a 12 year old little girl was burned alive.

     Sleep Quarters

No overnight sleeping accommodations provided. Range of hotels within a 15 minute drive of the location.

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      Group Size

Due to the size of the location, investigation group size will be less than 5 people to keep the experience as authentic as possible

Event Information
         What’s Included
  • Overnight paranormal investigation generally lasting around 8-10 hours
  • Professional guides to help navigate the investigation, location, and equipment
  • Complete access to video recordings. photos, and audio files after the event to share with friends
  • One meal will be provided mid-hunt
  • Water, soft drinks, and snacks are provided while supplies last
  • Access to a plethora of the latest ghost hunting gadgets such as:

SLS Cameras (Stickman)

REM Devices

SB7 and SB11 Spirit Boxes

Sony Night Vision Cameras

High End Audio Capture Devices

Shadow Detectors

Ovilus Device

High Res NVR DVR Cameras

360* Cameras

GoPro and other Full Spectrum Action Cameras

We also provide non-tech traditional devices such as dowsing rods and pendulums

          What To Bring
  • You should be aware of weather conditions and be equipped for long periods of time in the elements
  • Extra snacks and drinks for possible limited stock at some locations
  • Any of your own equipment is fine to bring along but Ghost Hunt Nation is not responsible for any damages
  • Have a place to stay lined up as most of our locations do not have beds or sleeping quarters if you are tired
  • Have a form of identification with you for check-in
  • Work your transportation out ahead of time because we will always have to vacate premises after the hunt
          Important Info
  • Waivers must be filled out before a member can join the investigation
  • Limited equipment and merch will be sold at select events on a first come first served basis
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